Taymor Hotel Chrome Four Guest Towel Holders Keep Your Towels Dry And Clean

There is nothing more comfortable than to be wrapped with a clean and dry towel after bathing, which is easily achieved with the help of Taymor Hotel Chrome Four Guest Towel Holders. The holder can hold small to medium sized towels. The holder is made of steel and boasts off a clean and crisp design making your bathroom looks more elegant and tidy. You don’t need to worry about the assembly job when you purchase this towel holder because it will come to you fully assembled along with the mounting hardware and instruction. Taymor Hotel Chrome Four Guest Towel Holders measure 21-3/8 inches in height by 6 – 5/16 inches in width and 4 – 1/2 incehs in depth.

Taymor Hotel Chrome Four Guest Towel Holders

This holder works perfectly fine with towels of all sizes but please note though that thick or extra thick towels works best with this holder. If you have thin towels, a little extra work might be needed to make things work but this surely worth the effort. Fluffy towels might have mild issues as well because it can tend to lose and fall off.

Keeping the holder’s clean and elegant look is not a problem too because all you have to do to keep it clean and looking new is to wipe the holder off with a clean damp cloth. Make sure to keep away from using abrasives as it may promote scratches to the holder, which can cause rust to build up.

Click Here to purchase your new Taymor Hotel Chrome Four Guest Towel Holders and add beauty to your bathroom while keeping your bath towels clean and dry at all times.

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