Sturdy Nova Ortho-med Quick Release Shower Chair With Rust Resistant Aluminum Anodized Frame

A shower chair should be easy to use, lightweight, and durable, just like this product: Nova Ortho-med Quick Release Shower Chair. Originally І purchased а shower seat for my mom that was just а bench with side grips built into the seat. The other day she confessed that it did not make her feel secure in the shower. She has problems with RA in both knees and her upper body. It is very difficult for her to stand or walk without good support.

Nova Ortho-med Quick Release Shower Chair

This chair looked like it would offer her better comfort and safety. Mom said that it worked great. The removable arms are constructed from heavy duty molded plastic, giving her support to help her stand without fear of falling. The aluminum anodized frame makes it rust-resistant, this is an important feature because this chair is used in the bathroom. I could adjust the legs to my mom’s comfort level and the large suction like feet grip the floor of the shower stall. Those skid resistant rubber tips prevent this chair from moving on wet bathroom floor. This chair can accommodate a maximum weight of 275lbs with seat dimensions of 16-inch(W) x 13-inch (D), the width between arms is 18.5-inch. The seat height is adjustable from 16” to 20”. The overall dimensions of this chair are 21-inch(W) x 16-inch(D), compact enough for small sized bathroom.

where to buy Nova Ortho-med Quick Release Shower Chair?

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