Say Goodbye To Leaks With Kohler GP1035350-CP Lavatory Sink Drain With Overflow

No matter how hard with care and how sturdy a thing is, one will surely wear out overtime and for sink drain Kohler GP1035350-CP Lavatory Sink Drain With Overflow will help you keep you sink free from link and your bathroom dry. Designed to fit on most faucets, this sink from Kohler will surely make your life a lot easier, as you need not to find the right faucet to fit on this drain. It comes with an overflow, which will prevent water from flooding on the bathroom floors if someone fails to turn off the faucet.

Kohler GP1035350-CP Lavatory Sink Drain With Overflow

Because this drain is chrome finish, it will not only make your bathroom safe and dry but will all look good on your glossy bathroom fixtures and elegant bathroom interior. Unlike the plastic made lavatory sink drains, this one from Kohler is sturdy because it is made of solid, heavy gauge metal. What made it leak-free is that it has large stopper measuring 1.625 inches in diameter with metal shaft. The reason why it will fit on almost all faucets is its standard sized sink flange with a diameter of 2.125 inches. The instructions included in the package can be a bit of a challenge to some of you but installing this lavatory sink drain will only take less than an hour of your time.

Where to buy Kohler GP1035350-CP Lavatory Sink Drain With Overflow?

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