Pros and Cons : Should I Use Single or Two Handle Faucet?

If you are asking above question, you probably plan to purchase a new faucet, whether it be for your kitchen or bathroom, each one has its own pros and cons. In this article, we’d like to give you useful information between single and two handle faucet to arm you with well-informed buying decision.

If you don’t really care about the type of faucet you’re going to install, choosing one would be extremely easy, just pick standard, most used faucet on the market. However, making the wrong choice can haunt you.

Making a choice between one or two handle faucet can also determine by the size of your wash basin. If you install small wash basin, there might not be enough space for two handle faucet, especially when you live in small apartment, we highly recommend that you go with single handle one. However, to some, kitchen fittings can also be about style, they can still choose to use two handle faucet regardless the space.

When you should use two handle faucet?

Well, two handle faucets definitely offer better control to adjust water temperature. Most people are fuzzy about the perfect temperature and flow control, this is where two handle faucet would come in handy. The other benefit would be in the event of a leak, you can simply turn off the valve of leaking handle while still have access to use water from the other working handle. This type of faucet is the best option when you need to have access to both hot and cold water, especially when you live in the area that experiences both cold and hot weather. This faucet can also bring a nice element of style, it looks more elegant and inviting, especially when you choose bronze theme for your kitchen or bathroom décor, it can bring classic, old world atmosphere.

Pros and Cons : Should I Use Single or Two Handle Faucet?

What about the cons, well, installing two handle faucets can be more complicated. You need to create 3 holes for installation in the countertop.

When you should go with single handle faucet?

Some people prefer to go with one handle faucet are usually don’t need both hot and cold water, they live in an area where weather doesn’t change much through out the year. In this way, they don’t feel the need to install double handle faucet. Just like we mention above, you should go with one handle faucet when your existing wash basin is small. Single handle faucet is actually more popular since it is also easier to install and easy to use. It only requires single hole to be cut out in the countertop. There are many available stylish single handle faucet on the market, even futuristic like faucet with LED.

Pros and Cons : Should I Use Single or Two Handle Faucet?

Cons of single handle faucet, well, you need some practices to get the feel when it is the perfect position to get your desired water temperature and flow rate. When leak happens, you don’t have a choice but to shut off both hot and cold water valves.

So, have you made decision?
In the end, it all comes down to your preference, if you like two handle faucet regardless the size of your sink, just go for it. You can also install different faucet for different area, for example single handle for kitchen and two handle for the bathroom.

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