Oxygenics Body Spa Handheld Shower Kit : Compact and Powerful Showerhead, Perfect for Any Recreational Vehicle

Relax under the spray of water of Oxygenics Body Spa Handheld Shower Kit. This shower has pretty compact head and requires no maintenance, so yes, it’s completely easy to care for. The technology incorporates in this shower head helps you save more water and energy (30%-70%) without sacrificing the pressure, the company even claims that the showerhead is guaranteed for life never to clog due to its innovative internal components that prevent any mineral deposit and scale buildup. If you are an RV owner, this showerhead would be a cost effective solution with very affordable price as well. Even with low water pressure, you will still enjoy a wonderful spray velocity that produces great shower experience, anytime anywhere. The water will be energized and texturized with oxygen to speed the flow of water for a great clean rinsing shower, all shampoo and soap are quickly rinsed out.

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Oxygenics Body Spa Handheld Shower Kit

You can customize the flow to suit your mood from subtle and relaxing to pulsating and massaging. Either way, user will always get a pleasant shower experience. Oxygen also helps purify the water, counter damaging free radicals to make your skin looks younger. Since this shower kit is ADA compliant, you can be sure it’s the perfect addition to any recreational vehicle.

The minor issue is that when you set the water pressure to its maximum level, it can be pretty noisy. Most customers don’t have a problem with it as it’s pretty acceptable for powerful spray.

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Oxygenics Body Spa Handheld Shower Kit

Oxygenics Body Spa Handheld Shower Kit

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