Onsen Towel Set Offers Soft, Luxurious, and Lightweight Towels

Luxurious and incredible soft with exfoliating texture, Onsen Towel Set offers a comfortable way to dry your self after a bath or wash. The towel does a great job in drying your body and since it’s made entirely from extra-long staple Supima cotton, which is known as the softest and finest cotton in the world, this towel is twice as strong as regular cotton. Feel the softness caressing your body, those long fibers resist breaking or tearing, thus, creating an amazingly resilient product.

Onsen Towel Set Grey/White

Each set of Onsen Towel consists of one bath towel, one hand towel, and one face towel. These towels are not like other common towels on the market that go through a chemical bathing process to make them soft and fluffy. Those superficial textures would wash away along with its ability to absorb. Onsen towels are garment washed multiple times so that they can bring out their natural softness of their premium cotton, no chemical involved here.

Even though heavier towel might sound fancy, you need to learn the fact that extra weight can make towel less breathable and slower to dry. Onsen Towel is made from premium cotton with a curvy weave that makes it exceptionally lightweight. This towel feels luscious on your skin without compromising its ability to dry.

Onsen Towel Set Grey/White

Onsen Towel Set Grey/White

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