IMAX Towel Rack Holds Your Towel In Place Inside Your Bathroom

There is nothing more comfortable when taking a bath or a shower than having your towels ready and let a functional towel rack like the IMAX Towel Rack hold your towel, keep it dry at all times and make readily available after you took a bath or shower. The rack boasts a clever design that that will not only hold your towel dry and clean but will also work double at your wine rack. Therefore, you can use it not only in your bathroom but in your kitchen, dining, or living room as well.

IMAX Towel Rack

The rack is made of cast iron and is handmade making feel relieved when talking about harming the environment using those modern yet, earth-destroying items. This towel rack from IMAX does no harm to the environment as it produce zero to minimal carbon emission during production for it is handcrafted. The rack measures 7 x 7.2 x 41 inches, just large enough even for small bathrooms. Please keep in mind though that when you buy this towel rack, you have to buy a separate set of mounting hardware. Available in brown and white color, this towel rack can also be a holder of other items like your hats, your belt, scarfs, and more. This towel rack allows you to maintain clean bathroom, free from clutter.

IMAX Towel Rack

IMAX Towel Rack

Where to buy Rustic IMAX Towel Rack?

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