Extend Your Shower Height With Danze D481116 13 Inch S-Shape Shower Arm

Danze D481116 13 Inch S-Shape Shower ArmThere is no need to install a new line for your shower if you want it higher than its current height because you can now extend your shower height with Danze D481116 13 Inch S-Shape Shower Arm. Made from solid brass construction, the shower arm is definitely easy to install. Instead of your showerhead, place the shower arm and your showerhead on the other canada goose jacka end in an extended height. With the increased range of the showerhead, you can now enjoy a waterfall that fall down on you and not at you that you and other members of the family will surely love.

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Aside from the easy installation job it requires, the shower arm also includes flange that makes installing the arm fast and easy. You don’t need to buy a new flange to complete the installation. With the ability to extend 13 inches away from the wall and rises 12 inches from the bottom of the flange, the shower arm sure has the ability to provide cgjackets a fun and comfortable shower experience to all its users even the tall ones. Other than its functionality, the shower arm has chrome finish that helps enhances the elegant look of your bathroom too. It will surely match perfectly with your other modern bathroom fixtures while doing its job.

Where to buy Danze D481116 13 Inch S-Shape Shower Arm?

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