Decorate And Organize Your Bathroom With Your Dowell Double Corner Glass Shelf

For some people, bathroom is their favorite place in the house and so they keep their bathroom clean, decorated and fresh with the help of stylish bathroom fixtures and accessories like the Dowell Double Corner Glass Shelf. Made of clear glass, this lovely corner shelf will not only bring out the elegance and beauty of your bathroom but also hold your bathroom essentials like soap, shampoo and more safe and secure with the help of its aluminum brass glass support.

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Dowell Double Corner Glass Shelf

As its name suggest, this lovely bathroom accessory has two shelves giving ample space for your items. Measuring 9-7/8 inches by 9-7/8 inches by 11-13/16 inches, this corner glass shelf can surely hold your tall shampoo bottles. Keeping the clean look inside your bathroom is easy with this beautiful and functional glass shelf because all mounting are concealed, thus you will see no screws and other mounting tools that are definitely an eyesore to every bathroom. At this time of writing, no customer review is given to Dowell Double Corner Glass Shelf yet, as it is still a new item.

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