Cool Temperature Sensitive 8-inch Rainfall LED Shower Head Is Powered by Water Pressure

This is the kind of showerhead that most geeks would love, a cool 8-inch Rainfall LED Shower Head that changes its color based on the water temperature. Yeah, can you imagine how cool would that be? The grade ABS material provides you with lightweight, durable, heat and acids resistance with chrome finish, making it look like a modern futuristic showerhead. It doesn’t require any battery, it is activated automatically once the faucet senses water flow, it is self-powered by water pressure. This unit has been designed to fit standard G-1/2-inch aperture shower arm, it boasts 180-degree swivel ability and its removable feature allows for easy cleaning.

You can tell the water temperature by checking out the light color, blue for cold, red for hot and purple for warm. Just jump under this showerhead when the light suits you. Please be aware that this 8-inch Rainfall LED Shower Head doesn’t come with a shower arm, you need to purchase it separately.

CLICK HERE to read further details about 8-inch Rainfall LED Shower Head, it’s intended to be hung straight down, so be sure to checkout shower arm options as well.

Cool Temperature Sensitive 8-inch Rainfall LED Shower Head

When this shower head operates, you might hear a motor noise, but we’re pretty sure it won’t bother you as it’s not really that loud. Many customers are happy with the fact that they don’t need to pay extra for electricity bill to make this showerhead works. Also, based on a customer review, the company provides great support, this alone is a great point worth to mention.

CLICK HERE to purchase 8-inch Rainfall LED Shower Head and start enjoying a cool way to shower in your bathroom.

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