Onsen Towel Set Offers Soft, Luxurious, and Lightweight Towels

Luxurious and incredible soft with exfoliating texture, Onsen Towel Set offers a comfortable way to dry your self after a bath or wash. The towel does a great job in drying your body and since it’s made entirely from extra-long staple Supima cotton, which is known as the softest and finest cotton in the world, this towel is twice as strong as regular cotton. Feel the softness caressing your body, those long fibers resist breaking or tearing, thus, creating an amazingly resilient product.

Onsen Towel Set Grey/White

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Modern and Beautiful Nomadix Hand Towels Are Perfect for Yoga and Fitness

Spotted these beautiful modern hand towels from Nomadix. Each towel features unique colors and theme, a nice hand towel for cycling, fitness, camping, yoga, and travel. Made from 100% recycled material consists of 80% polyester and 20% nylon, this towel features a nice size of 2.5-inch x 18-inch, large enough to keep you dry when workout. Due to its material, this towel is super absorbent and slip resistant, very light weight, you can easily pack it down to small size to fit your gym bag.

Modern and Beautiful Nomadix Hand Towels

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