Two-Tiered Copper Countertop Basket to Organize Your Bathroom Essentials

Gorgeous Two-Tiered Copper Countertop Basket has multiple uses, not just for the bathroom, you can just place it in the living room to hold small pots of herbs. This copper finish basket would make an ideal countertop storage and organization, place it in the bathroom to hold all your bathroom essentials from sponges, brushes, towels, or body care products.

This basket is pretty sturdy and well designed, it is also available in two size options. Some customers use this basket to organize kitchen counter, or place it in their small gardens to grow some herbs.

CLICK HERE to get more details about Two-Tiered Copper Countertop Basket, you want to make sure it fits your space.

Two-Tiered Copper Countertop Basket

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Beautiful Healing Scent Hand-Blown Glass Diffusers to Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Good

Stephen Kitras has done a great job in designing beautiful Healing Scent Diffusers to energize your bathroom, well any room will do actually. Bring heaven scent in any room with cool swirls of color through these signature glass diffusers. Hand made in Canada, each unit is brilliantly colored, each orb can hold an oil vial and wooden reeds then diffuse the aromatic scent into the room. You can hang it near a window and watch those beautiful colors shine when the sun comes or you can also display it with the iron stand, which is sold separately.

Healing Scent Diffusers for Bathroom by Stephen Kitras

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Cloudy Day Toilet Paper Storage : A Storage Solution and A Wall Art in One

Cloudy day would decorate your bathroom in a unique and fun way. This is a toilet paper holder and storage, arranging them as a cloud floating conveniently on the bathroom wall.

It’s a nice way to keep your bathroom stocked, whether it’s a rainy or shiny day, this wall mounted toilet paper cloud would look cool in your contemporary bathroom. It comes completely with the hardware that you need to install Cloudy Day, it can hold around 8 to 10 rolls of tissue. Designed by Bertrand Jayr, a French Designer who enjoys making objects talk, this product certainly offers visual puns, it can be a storage solution and at the same time, it can be an imaginative wall art. CLICK HERE to checkout the price of this unique wall storage.

Cloudy Day Toilet Paper Storage

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Modern Blomus Menoto Free Standing Towel Stand with Super Stable Polystone Base

Hang your towel in style, especially when you don’t have much space in the bathroom, Blomus Menoto Free Standing Towel Stand would do great for you. This stainless steel towel stand features stable, polystone base, you can also use this stand to hang your toilet paper or toilet brush.

Some bathrooms have limited hooks, when the wall is occupied by a mirror or cabinets, you have an option to use free-standing towel stand. This one features modern design, simple and stylish, and the price is pretty affordable. Menoto towel stand is also great to have when your bathroom is pretty big and the on-wall towel bar is too far away from the shower. The bar length is 19.75-inch with 0.75-diameter, the overall dimensions are 34-inch H x 19.7-inch L x 6.3-inch D, it is high enough to hang an average size towel.

Blomus Menoto Free Standing Towel Stand

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Modern Honey Can Do Wicker Corner Hamper Is Stylish and Environmentally Friendly

Give a natural touch to any room with this unique Honey Can Do Wicker Corner Hamper. Featuring a woven wicker design, it’ll look good in any room, perfect for empty corner that usually isn’t used. Place this in the bathroom, it’s a nice hamper to keep dirty laundry, making organizing and carrying laundry easier. This hamper comes with removable canvas liner, adding a nice touch to the overall appearance. When you want stylish and high quality hamper with affordable price, you can’t go wrong with this one.

No more clothes on the floor, just throw dirty clothes in this bamboo hamper. It can accommodate multiple loads of laundry since the hamper is manufactured from a moisture resistant material.

Honey Can Do Wicker Corner Hamper

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KOHLER K-T45110-4-CP Alteo Valve Trim Design Is Inspired by Nature with Premium Construction

Sleek and curvy, KOHLER K-T45110-4-CP Alteo Valve Trim (the valve is not included) would add an elegant touch to your bathroom. Inspired by nature, this valve trim is intended for use with Rite-Temp or HiFlow Rite-Temp valves and with its premium construction, this valve trim guarantees durability and reliability. It resists tarnishing and corrosion even exceeding industry durability standards for more than two times. We really love that sleek curves, offering an elegant simplicity that matches any contemporary and modern bathroom.

You can coordinate this valve trim with other Alteo Faucets and accessories. One thing we need to mention though, this product is not full meal, only the handle is metal but the trim is plastic, yet it is very durable. The overall dimensions are 4.5625-inch (H) x 6.4375-inch (W) x 6.4375-inch (D). sleek and stylish, guests would complement how nice it looks.

Click Here to get more details about Kohler K-T45110-4-CP Valve Trim, it would also complete your other Alteo bathroom accessories.

KOHLER K-T45110-4-CP Alteo Valve Trim

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GoWISE USA Body Fat Scale Measures Body Weight, Fat, Water, Bone and Muscle Mass

Always keep a body scale in the bathroom, it’s a great way to keep track your body weight throughout the day. If you don’t have it, we’d like to recommend GoWISE USA Body Fat scale. This product measures not only your body weight, but also your body fat, water, bone and muscle mass through its Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. The tempered glass platform makes it look elegant in your bathroom, underneath that glass there are multiple sensors to measure everything. This scale can keep information for up to 8 users, it has an auto-on function, LCD display with LED backlight, a touch switch, and can accommodate up to 400lbs.

GoWISE USA Body Fat Scale

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Delta Faucet 79635 Windemere Robe Hook Design is Classy and Timeless

Reliable bathroom hooks are pretty essential equipment in every bathroom, just like Delta Faucet 79635 Windemere Robe Hook. Windemere is one of stylish Delta collection, featuring sculpted curves and whimsical design. Just in case you want to get a matching set, there are also toilet paper holder and towel ring with the same color whether it’s oil rubbed bronze, stainless steel, or brushed nickel.

This robe hook features traditional styling, it displays class and timeless design, it works great to hold your robe or towel. The installation requires you to drill holes onto the wall, install the expansion anchors, and continue install the screws. Please follow the instructions, especially when you have tile walls, it can be pretty tricky, if the hole is too big, you won’t be able to install the screw, but if the hole is too small, the screw can crack the tile.

Delta Faucet 79635 Windemere Robe Hook - Oil Rubbed Bronze Hook

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Horsehair Duck Soft Brush Is Gentle to Your Skin

Cute Horsehair Duck Soft Brush is perfect for children or anyone who enjoys gentle approach to bathing. Soft and luxurious horsehair bristles are nestled in an oiled-hardwood handle with the shape of a duck, the wood comes from responsibly-managed forests. These bristles are gentle to your skin. Carefully hand crafted by following a century old tradition, each piece is assembled by visually impaired craftspeople in a small factory in Stockholm.

Bambeco Horsehair Duck Soft Brush

Simple and Minimalist Alessi Birillo Liquid Soap Dispenser by Piero Lissoni

A liquid soap dispenser might not be the first thing that come to your mind when decorating your bathroom, but believe us when we say that Alessi Birillo Liquid Soap Dispenser can make a difference. It’s simple and minimalist design complements any contemporary décor, a nice accessory by Piero Lissoni. This unit is made of lightweight, shatter-resistant PMMA, you can push down the top to dispense liquid soap from the side spout. Available in 2 different options: small capacity 7oz and large capacity 10.5 oz, both are dishwasher safe with gentle detergent.

CLICK HERE to get more details on this product, you can also find other modern bathroom accessories that take modern design into consideration.

Alessi Birillo Liquid Soap Dispenser

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