Beautiful Healing Scent Hand-Blown Glass Diffusers to Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Good

Stephen Kitras has done a great job in designing beautiful Healing Scent Diffusers to energize your bathroom, well any room will do actually. Bring heaven scent in any room with cool swirls of color through these signature glass diffusers. Hand made in Canada, each unit is brilliantly colored, each orb can hold an oil vial and wooden reeds then diffuse the aromatic scent into the room. You can hang it near a window and watch those beautiful colors shine when the sun comes or you can also display it with the iron stand, which is sold separately.

Healing Scent Diffusers for Bathroom by Stephen Kitras

Stephen offers two options as the scent: Unwind and Balanced. The Unwind features mellow, purple streams, it’s a compliment to a soothing lavender fragrance. The Balanced features combination of blue and green to calm the room with a cucumber melon blend fragrance. From time to time, simply use a dry cloth to clean these beautiful dome glasses.

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Healing Scent Diffusers for Bathroom by Stephen Kitras

Healing Scent Diffusers for Bathroom by Stephen Kitras

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