Axis 27.6″ Bathroom Shelf Allows You To Make Use Of Your Bathroom Corners And Save Space

Saving space is essential in every home and to help you save space in your bathroom, to use the functional and space saving Axis 27.6″ Bathroom Shelf is surely a great choice. The shelf is designed to provide a convenient way of storing and organizing your bathroom essentials like shampoo, conditioner, bath accessories and more. Two of the three shelve are large enough to store large bottles. If you think of not letting others use your favorite shampoo or conditioner or body wash, you can store it in the shelf with privacy door. The privacy door surely will send out your message to your housemates.

Axis 27.6

The shelf also comes with a soap dish and utility hooks that allow you to store your additional bathroom accessories like maybe your body scrub, comb, and the likes. Installing the shelf is easy enough to do with the mounting hardware included in the box upon purchase. In addition, you can install this functional and cute shelf permanently in your shower. Designed to last long, Axis 27.6″ Bathroom Shelf is made of durable molded plastic and its classic white color make it a perfect addition to the beauty and coolness of your modern shower room or bathroom.

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