Waterpik NML-603s Linea 6-Mode Showerhead with OptiFLOW Technology for Stronger Spray

Waterpik NML-603s Linea 6-Mode Showerhead with OptiFLOWWaterpik NML-603s Linea 6-Mode Showerhead features elegant design that replaces your traditional shower head with modern one. Compact and sleek lines, we love the contemporary chrome design and not only that, its pulsating massage technology offers you a relaxing spray or stimulating massage. No assembly required should be a plus point for this unit, yes, easy installation, only hand tightened, no leaks. Aside from its good look, Waterpik also boasts OptiFlow technology, meaning that you will get 30% greater spray force from the same amount of water, sounds good heh?

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The flexible hose allows movement to desired position, once you turn on the shower, it sprays water strong enough that you can feel them down through your scalp in a good way. If you are into the looks such as futuristic or vintage design, you probably would have second thought about this unit. Basically it’s a decent showerhead with reasonable price, so, if you are into quality with a great price, you should definitely check this one out.

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