Use Thunderhead TH001 High Pressure Rain Shower Head For A Rain Like Shower Experience

Thunderhead TH001 High Pressure Rain Shower HeadFinally, with the availability of Thunderhead TH001 High Pressure Rain Shower Head, you can now enjoy a rain like shower through a big rain showerhead without the big cost of owning a copper, brass or brushed steel brand showerheads. Built to last, this big rain shower head is made of a bright, white, smooth, and high density composite. The showerhead comes in an ultra modern look that compliments your bathroom interior design and décor flawlessly. Even if it is just new to the US market, the Thunderhead showerhead will surely attract many consumers with its whooping 9 inches in diameter showerhead size. This shower head is capable of providing a comfortable shower experience because it has the range of vertical and horizontal motion through its unique and space shuttle inspired acrobat extension arm.

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The arm provides multiple ratchet and pivot action allowing you to put the shower in different positions. When you have it straight, it will extend 10 inches more. It also has the ability to produce a blasting water stream from its 90 separate spray nipples allowing it to produce a water flow with industrial strength cleaning. It also comes with an optional water flow control allowing you to keep the water flow at 2.5 gallons per minute.

Thunderhead rain shower head is perfect for home whose water supply have slow pressure because it has an ultra thin chamber in the head responsible of pushing the water through pressure allowing the head to provide a strong and straight spray.

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