Tips For Cleaning Your Bathroom Fixtures Effectively

The bathroom can be small compared to other parts of the house but still we need to have it cleansed at all times considering the amount of dirt we put in it each day. Cleaning these bathroom fixtures are not hard to clean at all especially these days that bathroom fixtures are already designed to get the job done. One of the great examples for today’s modern bathroom fixtures is the Kraus Glass Combinations Galaxy Vessel Bathroom Sink & Faucet. As its name suggests, this sink and faucet combo is made of glass, which is obviously dead easy to clean. Below are some tips you can follow in cleaning your bathroom fixtures effectively.

the Kraus Glass Combinations Galaxy Vessel Bathroom Sink & Faucet

Sinks – considering the amount of dirt we put in this bathroom fixture each day, including toothpaste, shaving foam, facial soap, hair spray and more, sinks need to be cleaned regularly. Besides, this is one of the first fixtures we see when we enter every bathroom. Keeping your bathroom sinks sparkly and looking good as new has never been easy with the help of an all-purpose bathroom cleaner available in stores near you. This type of cleaner has the ability to clean light dirt. On the other hand, you can opt to use some abrasive or soft-scrub cleaners for heavier dirt on your ceramic bathroom sinks. You can also create your own bathroom cleaner for a greener and safer using vinegar and water solution.

Bathtub – whether you are having a ceramic or a porcelain bathtub, it is important to always clean it with safe cleaners like the general all-purpose cleaner, vinegar and water solution or a paste made with baking soda and water to keep it looking good as new. It is important to know that undiluted bleach can cause pitting on your shiny porcelain and ceramic bathtub. Undiluted bleach can cause your bathtub to look odd and feel rough because it can remove the finish of your bathtub.

Showerheads – cleaning your showerheads and faucets will depend on its composition. A bag of white vinegar is good to go in cleaning and removing lime for faucets and showerheads made of chrome, stainless steel and other metal. On the other hand, plain water is already enough when cleaning faucets and showerheads with oil rubbed bronze and brass finishes especially those with living finishes that tends to change as time pass.

Toilet Bowl – just like your bathtub, your toilet bowls only need simple cleaners especially the safe ones including all-purpose cleaners and vinegar and water mixture. Simply use these cleaners by spraying it to your bowl and wipe it clean right after. On the other hand, you can also use your mild cleaners available like your favorite dish soap with water in cleaning your toilet seat.

Glass Doors – glass doors requires extra care because they are not just doors. They work double as part of your bathroom interior design. Therefore cleaning requires nonabrasive cleansers like those all-purpose cleaners you already have, pine oil or baking soda. Avoid using scrubbing pads and abrasive cleansers for these will scratch your shine glass surface and make the finish looking dull.

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