Hot Towel Cabi – Cabinet Towel Warmer (HC-X) Holds Up 24 Facial Sized Towels

Hot Towel Cabinet - Towel Warmer (HC-X)Generally, a Hot Towel Cabinet is a small device which can be seen in most salons & homes across the US. Their intention is to keep your towels warm enough for usage. Many people might see such devices after visiting their local salon.

You might have considered other methods for keeping your towels warm however most of these can cost you a great deal of amount. Towel warmers are intended to be efficient & don’t utilize much energy. Even though they won’t heat your room, they’re ideal for warming all types of linen & the possible fuel charges particularly in cold winter periods would be minimized. So instead of stepping in a cold bed during the late evening time, you could try lying on the top of the warm linen sheet that is wrapped up in the warm blanket, both of which are warmed up inside the device.

Their look is generally similar to a small cab. Towels are located in the unit from front thru a door which is hinged & energy is supplied thru a power cable. Things like socks, towels and similar clothes are then warmed inside this section. For suitability a few models come along with a timer.

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