Docooler 8-inch Square 7 Colors Changing LED Shower Head – No Wires or Batteries Required

If you want to enjoy life, there is much technological advancement that may make your life easier and beautiful. When you want to enjoy bath, there are several technological products that can help you enjoy your time. Recently, households have witnessed LED technology in their televisions, data cables of phones, lights, shoes, laptop fan coolers, interiors and even now a days in showers.

We present you with a beautiful product for your bathroom, which will surely help you a lot by changing your mood from stress to delightedness. Docooler LD8030-B1 is an 8-inch, square shaped, with 7 colors changing, LED Showerhead. It has the ability to change its colors after every few intervals. You can also set it up to change colors after longer intervals just like you want it. Multiple lighting makes the water stream look like a rainbow, which gives beautiful effects to the bathroom interior and user, feels happy while taking the bath.

Docooler 8-inch Square 7 Colors Changing LED Shower Head

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