GP 56650/01 Paper Towel Dispenser Is A Great Alternative Than A Hand Towel

A tissue paper is important in every bathroom as it helps promote proper hygiene but tissue papers always gets wet in our bathroom and to keep them dry at all times, using GP 56650/01 Paper Towel Dispenser will greatly help. The tissue paper or paper towel dispenser has the ability to hold up to 400 C-fold or 600 multifold or a pack of BigFold paper towels.

One more thing that you will surely love about the dispenser is its durable plastic construction so you can enjoy a clean and dry paper towel longer. Other than the hygiene the dispenser can give, it also offers an economical and versatile towel dispensing style allowing you to save money not only because discarded wet paper towels are gone but also because of the dispensing approach that the dispenser offers.

GP 56650/01 Paper Towel Dispenser

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