Include Water for Your Personal Hygeiene After Using The Toilet with Blue Bidet BB-50

Blue Bidet BB-50 features metal shut-off valve for your safety and easy installation. This hand-held bidet is equipped with a hose which is tested for CUPC certification, the material used is metal and high-impact ABS resin in chrome finish. Why bidet? Well, we highly recommend you to include water as part of your personal hygiene after using the toilet, men, women and children can use it in a very convenient way.

When you purchase this unit, all parts needed for installation are included; the instructions even provide you with step by step pictures. Even when you change your mind and decide to uninstall this bidet to another location, it can be easily done.

Blue Bidet BB-50 - Hand-held Bidet with Ambient Temperature Water and Adjustable Pressure

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