Simplehuman Mini Sensor Mirror Lights Up as Your Face Approaches

Simplehuman Mini Sensor MirrorWomen are definitely fond of mirrors, but have you ever heard about any mirror before that has a light and a sensor for better resolution? Certainly not. The reason is that there was a time when people could never imagine that scientists would invent the mirror one day. When the mirror was invented, it was considered a great innovation and the product was used for various purposes. People limited themselves to the idea that mirrors can only be used for reflecting the sunlight, or for dresser rooms. Technology started evolving and people became mobile. They wanted portable products, so like all important products, marketers developed small sized, cute and beautiful mirrors, for the customers, who wanted to see that how do they look when they are away from home.

Now, there is a product in market, which uses maximum technology to make sure that it is compact, concise and highly efficient, has good resolution and provides detailed view of face due to the LED lights: Simplehuman Mini Sensor Mirror. Interesting thing is that the mirror is a normal mirror, but the sensor turns the lights on and off according to the direction of user. If the user will turn his or her face towards the mirror, the lights will turn on. If the user stops using the mirror, the lights will turn off. In this way, the product remains energy efficient. If you are at a place where there is no appropriate sunlight and you want to do makeup, or you want to set your hairstyle, then the lights are bright enough to show you clear details. The resolution is 10X, which helps the user to look closely at his or her face, especially during works such as tweezing or plucking.

You don’t need to charge the bulbs, as the battery time is 5weeks. So whenever the mirror is not in use, its battery consumption will be reduced. The LED lights can be used for even more than 40000 hours, as new ones. The product doesn’t include any cords and it can be recharged again and again. It’s portable and highly reliable. The dimensions of product are 4.5 x 5.7 x 11.7 inches; 1.2 pounds.

Simplehuman Mini Sensor Mirror

Simplehuman Mini Sensor Mirror

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