IMAX Towel Rack Holds Your Towel In Place Inside Your Bathroom

There is nothing more comfortable when taking a bath or a shower than having your towels ready and let a functional towel rack like the IMAX Towel Rack hold your towel, keep it dry at all times and make readily available after you took a bath or shower. The rack boasts a clever design that that will not only hold your towel dry and clean but will also work double at your wine rack. Therefore, you can use it not only in your bathroom but in your kitchen, dining, or living room as well.

IMAX Towel Rack

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Tommy Bahama Retreat Wicker Bath Accessories Creates A Spa Ambiance In Your Bathroom

Tommy Bahama Retreat Wicker Bath Accessories is now here to help us save time and money for spa day. When we are tired and want some stress reliever, going to a spa is one of the popular destinations. These bath accessories from Tommy Bahama are made of sturdy materials resulting into a durable wicker that will serve you for a longer period.

The accessories will not only create a spa-like ambiance to your own bathroom but will also help you keep your bathroom organized in a breeze. The set is already complete for all your bathroom essentials. It includes a soap dish, glass, toothbrush holder, shampoo container or dispenser, tissue holder and a bin.

Tommy Bahama Retreat Wicker Bath Accessories

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BangK Upgraded TouchScreen Bluetooth Music & Phone Showerhead Is Where Hygiene And Entertainment Meet

Going to the shower can be refreshing and entertaining as well but with this new technology from AmandaK called BangK Upgraded TouchScreen Bluetooth Music & Phone Showerhead going to the shower can now be more exciting and fun other than refreshing and rejuvenating. The showerhead has the built in dual microphone that is simulated for noise reduction. With this feature, you can play your favorite music and talk and the same time right in your shower room. However, we don’t recommend that you shower and make a phone call, as no one probably would want to hear you while taking a shower.

The showerhead and speaker in one boasts off a Bluetooth 3.0 connection, EDR for smart phones, tablets, MP3 players, and PC provided the provided devices are in 32 feet distance from the showerhead speaker. The showerhead other than the excellent features for speakers also works excellently as a shower. It has the ability to provide strong and wide water flow that will make you enjoy like being in the rain and with the music around, you can do the rain dance right at the comfort of your own bathroom or shower room.

BangK Upgraded TouchScreen Bluetooth Music & Phone Showerhead

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Modern Serenity Asia Style Teak Shower Bench Features Traditional Design

Serenity Asia Style Teak Shower BenchIf you are fond of stylish, descent and adorable yet strong and water proof shower benches, there are pretty awesome options available on the market, which will be convenient for you in terms of price and quality. However, not all products are up to the mark, as many don’t offer appropriate quality and are usually hefty in price. Contrary to that, the Serenity Asia Style Teak Shower Bench is one of the best options.

The product that we are reviewing is awesome in many good senses. First of all, it is a handmade shower bench, which has been crafted carefully and wholeheartedly by local craftsmen of Java Island. It is large enough to be used as a shower bench as well as a bench for placing toiletries and towels over the shelf space. You can also place shoes and many other items. To ensure it lasts for years, the wood is coated with teak oil to make sure that it should remain water proof. Also, we really love the stylish design with Asian touch, to make sure that the product looks original. It has a descent brown indoor and outdoor stain to make it fully water resistant and beautiful.

CLICK HERE to get detail specs of Serenity Asia Style Teak Shower Bench

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Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Holds Your Important Things While Enjoying A Relaxing Bath

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy is one of the many useful bathroom accessories that we surely want to have because sometimes we tend to stay longer in our bathtub to enjoy the warm water, rejuvenates, or simply relax. With that in mind, we surely will bring along with us things we need like our phone, MP3 Players, a book to read, a glass of our favorite drink and the likes. All the items we want to bring along when bathing can be held in place safe and sound if we have the Bamboo Bathtub Caddy installed on our bathtub.

Keep in mind though that imitations are also available but the original one from ToiletTree Products measures 28.5 inches, which is longer than the imitations. The extended length is designed to ensure that the caddy will fit to 99% of the bathtubs available in the market today.

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

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Elegant Moen T6125 Kingsley Two-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet in Bronze for Classic Bathroom Style

Moen T6125 Kingsley Two-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet presents you a beautiful bronze color to enhance your classic style bathroom décor. Now days’ people are focusing on bathroom fixtures that are beautiful, traditional, strong and even apparently delicate, but light in weight and best in performance. Bathroom faucets are highly focused fittings these days, as people want to add best appearance effects to their bathrooms.

If you are looking for the best options in bathroom faucet category, this is an awesome product available in market. You will crave for it as soon as you’ll see it. It has a stylish design in traditional appearance, which will make you love it. It has a high arc spout to make sure it provides maximum clearance, the two handle levers design to ensure the easiness of usage. Even though we say that it comes in bronze color, actually, there are several color options available such as chrome, silver, iron, and bronze itself. It would look beautiful and elegant when installed in any bathroom.

Moen T6125 Kingsley Two-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet in Bronze

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BAI 0562 Stainless Steel Linear Shower Drain Where Comfort And Beauty Unite

If you are now tired of the look of your old square or circle bathroom floor drain, then you might get interested in changing designs for a new look and added comfort by getting a BAI 0562 Stainless Steel Linear Shower Drain. This beauty can be installed adjacent to your bathroom walls or intermediate locations without altering its functionality but will surely add some beauty and style to your bathrooms or shower rooms. This is also a perfect tool for your steam room, wet room, and more that requires waterproofing and drainage.

BAI 0562 Stainless Steel Linear Shower Drain

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BAI 0562 Stainless Steel Linear Shower Drain

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No More Cold Bathrooms During Winter With The Help Of Holmes Heater with Programmable Timer And Bathroom Safe Plug

Whether you are to buy for a friend or for your own bathroom, Holmes Heater with Programmable Timer and Bathroom Safe Plug will definitely be a perfect product to add to your bathroom especially during winter for it will keep your bathroom warm and comfortable even when it is freezing cold outside.

Designed specifically for bathroom use, you can never go wrong with this heater. It comes with a bathroom safe ALCI Plug, thus you don’t need to worry about getting grounded, which we all know is dangerous. The timer will let you pre-heat your bathroom before entering allowing you to enjoy warm and comfortable bathroom floors as you enter. Please do keep in mind though that, this heater is not for use in your bathtub or shower.

Holmes Heater with Programmable Timer and Bathroom Safe Plug

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Dreamline Aqua Uno 34 in. Frameless Hinged Tub Door Flows Beautifully with Any Bathroom Decor

Dreamline Aqua Uno 34-inch Frameless Hinged Tub Door is a tub glass door replacing shower curtain and bi-sliding glass door. This tub door is made of tempered glass, which is strong in strength as compared to other types of glass, as it is given extreme heat and rapid cooling at the time of manufacturing. Its transparency makes it convenient to be fitted in any color design of constructed bathrooms that depicts that it has nothing to do with the bathroom construction stage and style/design.

Its structure consists of a frameless glass of 34 inch width of lower surface and 58 inch height. It is curved on shape which beautifies its look and enhances its value, adding fresh look to the bathtub and to the bathroom as it allows the view to the tiles of that area. This glass features curved shape for its functional purpose, which is to protect the water from falling outside the shower tub. Thickness of glass is 6mm (1/4 inch). The tempered glass is a safety glass as it its resistant to heat and does not break easily due to its thickness, in case it breaks out, it never breaks in sharp pieces rather in small oval shaped pebbles. It never cracks, rather shatters at once. Its manufacturing process includes thermal and chemical treatments.

Dreamline Aqua Uno 34 in. Frameless Hinged Tub Door

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Hot Towel Cabi – Cabinet Towel Warmer (HC-X) Holds Up 24 Facial Sized Towels

Hot Towel Cabinet - Towel Warmer (HC-X)Generally, a Hot Towel Cabinet is a small device which can be seen in most salons & homes across the US. Their intention is to keep your towels warm enough for usage. Many people might see such devices after visiting their local salon.

You might have considered other methods for keeping your towels warm however most of these can cost you a great deal of amount. Towel warmers are intended to be efficient & don’t utilize much energy. Even though they won’t heat your room, they’re ideal for warming all types of linen & the possible fuel charges particularly in cold winter periods would be minimized. So instead of stepping in a cold bed during the late evening time, you could try lying on the top of the warm linen sheet that is wrapped up in the warm blanket, both of which are warmed up inside the device.

Their look is generally similar to a small cab. Towels are located in the unit from front thru a door which is hinged & energy is supplied thru a power cable. Things like socks, towels and similar clothes are then warmed inside this section. For suitability a few models come along with a timer.

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