WantBa 6-inches Rainfall High Pressure Shower Head Provides Powerful Spray Even With Low Water Pressure

A good shower head can rejuvenate your body after every shower, just like this unit, WantBa 6-inches Rainfall High Pressure Shower Head. Featuring 2.5 gpm flow control, this shower head fits standard U.S. plumbing connection, you’ll be able to enjoy consistent powerful spray performance even when the water pressure is low. The quality of this unit is similar to those showerheads that you can find in hotels.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, this unit comes with regulator separately, that is the little circular peg in separate ziplock bag that comes with the box. So be sure that you install it. However, by removing the regulator, you’ll get more powerful rainfall.

WantBa 6 inches Rainfall High Pressure Shower Head

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GoWISE USA Body Fat Scale Measures Body Weight, Fat, Water, Bone and Muscle Mass

Always keep a body scale in the bathroom, it’s a great way to keep track your body weight throughout the day. If you don’t have it, we’d like to recommend GoWISE USA Body Fat scale. This product measures not only your body weight, but also your body fat, water, bone and muscle mass through its Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. The tempered glass platform makes it look elegant in your bathroom, underneath that glass there are multiple sensors to measure everything. This scale can keep information for up to 8 users, it has an auto-on function, LCD display with LED backlight, a touch switch, and can accommodate up to 400lbs.

GoWISE USA Body Fat Scale

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Silberne Wall Sconce by Kichler Adds Classic Touch to Your Existing Bathroom Decor

Install Silberne Wall Sconce on your bathroom wall, it’ll look gorgeous. It features rugged, coastal design with partially-shielded bulb as the light source. It looks really nice, adding classic touch to your existing bathroom décor. The body of this light predominantly consists of a clear seedy glass shade, those tiny bubbles catch and refract light, creating a nice shimmering effect. The steel frame accent on the shade along with narrow bars that curve up to the center hub connects to a round wall plate, giving an elegant appearance.

This is a product of Kichler Lighting, a Cleveland based company that’s been known for creating exceptional lighting in variety of styles and designs. There are 2 options available: classic pewter or natural brass.

Silberne Wall Sconce - wall bathroom light by Kichler

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RAIN16S 16-Inch Solid Square Ultra Thin Rain Shower Head With Rubber Nipples for Easy Cleaning

Who doesn’t love rain shower? Installing RAIN16S 16-Inch Solid Square Ultra Thin Rain Shower Head from ALFI Brand in your bathroom would be much enjoyed by all of your housemates or family members. The entire shower head is made of solid stainless steel, you would love that brushed stainless steel finish won’t hold any fingerprint marks. The square shape features 16-inch sides and only 2mm thick, the swivel adapter allows you to angle the showerhead during use. We really love the rubber nozzles, making it easy to clean when clogged by, just flick it. Each purchase comes with 5 replacement nozzles.

Alfi Brand RAIN16S 16-Inch Solid Square Ultra Thin Rain Shower Head

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Delta Faucet 79635 Windemere Robe Hook Design is Classy and Timeless

Reliable bathroom hooks are pretty essential equipment in every bathroom, just like Delta Faucet 79635 Windemere Robe Hook. Windemere is one of stylish Delta collection, featuring sculpted curves and whimsical design. Just in case you want to get a matching set, there are also toilet paper holder and towel ring with the same color whether it’s oil rubbed bronze, stainless steel, or brushed nickel.

This robe hook features traditional styling, it displays class and timeless design, it works great to hold your robe or towel. The installation requires you to drill holes onto the wall, install the expansion anchors, and continue install the screws. Please follow the instructions, especially when you have tile walls, it can be pretty tricky, if the hole is too big, you won’t be able to install the screw, but if the hole is too small, the screw can crack the tile.

Delta Faucet 79635 Windemere Robe Hook - Oil Rubbed Bronze Hook

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Horsehair Duck Soft Brush Is Gentle to Your Skin

Cute Horsehair Duck Soft Brush is perfect for children or anyone who enjoys gentle approach to bathing. Soft and luxurious horsehair bristles are nestled in an oiled-hardwood handle with the shape of a duck, the wood comes from responsibly-managed forests. These bristles are gentle to your skin. Carefully hand crafted by following a century old tradition, each piece is assembled by visually impaired craftspeople in a small factory in Stockholm.

Bambeco Horsehair Duck Soft Brush

AquaCare 4-in-1 Rainfall Combo with Hand Shower and Rotating Hydro-Brush Massager

Wouldn’t it be nice after a long day at the office, you can go home and enjoy a good shower and a massage? Well, this showerhead offers you all that, AquaCare 4-in-1 Rainfall Combo with Hand Shower and Rotating Hydro-Brush Massager. It’s all-in-one bathroom product, an ultra luxurious 6-inch rainfall showerhead that features high power 3-zone click-lever dial, rub-clean jets, and 6 pampering settings.

This showerhead features split-zone dual chamber design, it means that you can conveniently choose to enjoy showerhead or use handheld shower. The 3-in-1 rotary hand shower that can be used as rotary HydroBrush with rotating attachments, manual thanks to its stationary attachment, or just conventional hand shower. The 3 water flow settings allow you to handle flow control and with 2 snap-on attachments that can be activated by running water and on/off rotation switch. Yes, it is powered by running water, which means you don’t need batteries or electricity.

AquaCare Ultra Luxury Rainfall-Combo with Rotary Hydrobrush Hand-Shower and Rainfall Showerhead

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AquaTeak Original 30-inch Grate Teak Shower Bench Is Made Out Of Solid Teak Wood

Need a bench in your bathroom? Take a look at this beautiful AquaTeak Original 30-inch grate teak shower bench, the material is imported from Indonesia. The teak is certified by the Indonesian government to be sustainably harvested from maintained teak plantations. Teak has been known as the best wood for outdoor and indoor moist environments, it’s been used in yachts and ship building for hundreds of years, you can be sure this bench offers the same quality. This solid teak wood bench is perfect for any location, not just as shower bench, it is naturally water resistant with amazing versatility.

This bench features stainless steel non-corroding hardware and adjustable rubber gripping feet to give you better stability. Aside from being a great bench, you can also use it as a coffee table or a nice shelf for extra storage.

AquaTeak Original 30-inch Grate Teak Shower Bench

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Benton Collection Asian-inspired Akira Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity Is Perfect For Your Country Themed Bathroom

When buying sinks and vanity sets for our bathroom comfort and easy assembly are just a few of the many things we would love to enjoy and we can have it when we purchase the Benton Collection Asian-inspired Akira Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity. This vanity set from Benton Collection is not only easy to assemble but is fully assembled by the manufacturer prior to delivery. The set comes with a countertop and a pre-installed sink.

Benton Collection Asian-inspired Akira Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity

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Kokols 23-inch Single Bathroom Vanity Set Is Perfect for Small Modern Bathroom

Beautiful bathroom needs beautiful vanity set as well, if your bathroom décor is modern contemporary, we’d like to recommend Kokols 23-inch Single Bathroom Vanity Set. This vanity set features combination of contemporary Italian and Swiss style, it is constructed from high quality metal to make sure its strength and longevity with a clear finish glass top. The stainless steel base comes with chrome finish, it is visually appealing for a modern vanity.

Kokols 23-inch Single Bathroom Vanity Set

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