KOHLER K-8593-AF MasterShower 72-Inch Metal Shower Hose In Vibrant French Gold

Enjoy a luxurious shower experience with KOHLER K-8593-AF MasterShower 72-Inch Metal Shower Hose. The hose is designed to have fluid design lines, so you can clean the hose with ease allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the hose longer. Measuring 72 inches long, the metal hose with swivel base from KOHLER taking a shower will never be as comfortable.

This hose will not only provide comfort but also allow you to save money with its finish that features the ability to resist corrosion as well as tarnishing making it a durable kind of shower hose. It even exceeds the industry durability standards twice. Claimed to be designed for use with MasteraShower system, it would be best to use this hose only to its designated brand and not with others to avoid unwanted incidents like incompatibility.

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K-8593-AF MasterShower 72-Inch Metal Shower Hose

If you are to run through the different customer reviews, you will read various opinions from different users. Some are liking it while others are having issues with it. One thing for sure, the shower hose will not only bring comfort but its vibrant French gold will also add up to the beauty and style of your bathroom interior.

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