Hunter Orleans Bathroom Fan (82004) with Light In Beautiful Imperial Bronze Finish

If you are one of those seeking for a good ventilation tool for your bathroom, look no further with Hunter Orleans Bathroom Fan (82004). This ventilation tool for your bathroom features an ornate cast design with an elegant white glass case making it a perfect tool for comfort while adding some style to your bathroom. It also features a removable finial allowing you to clean the fan with ease. It also allows you to change the lamp with a breeze.

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Hunter Orleans Bathroom Fan (82004)

What makes the Hunter 82004 Orleans Bathroom fan effective for your bathroom whatever the season will be is its blade rotation. During summer, the fan blades rotate counter clockwise allowing you to set your thermostat at 82 degrees and feels like it is 76 degrees. Therefore, you can enjoy comfort without spending too much on your energy cost. During winter on the other hand, the fan blades rotate clockwise. To save energy, turn on your ceiling fan at a low speed in a clockwise rotation allowing it to mix the warm air trapped at your bathroom ceiling with the cooler air at the bottom of your bathroom floor, as this will warm up your bathroom. You can also set your thermostat at 4 degrees lower.

Hunter Orleans Bathroom Fan (82004)

Hunter Orleans Bathroom Fan (82004)

Where to buy Hunter Orleans Bathroom Fan (82004)?

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