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Carolina Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.9)
751 Hwy 9 Bypass W, Lancaster, SC 29720, United States | (803) 286-6262 |

The pharmacist was not very friendly or wanting to help at all. She huffed and puffed when I greeted her, “good morning, I need to fill a prescription.” Seriously, she is a pharmacist, so you would think that she wouldn’t have an attitude about it. So the brand of prescription that I needed was not available. Instead of her taking the initiative to see if there was anything else she could do, she just rushed me off. They’re all rude and seem not to enjoy their job!

I have known this pharmacy for years. I was actually there when they opened. The pharmacist is very knowledgeable and so very helpful. I have referred many of my friends and doctors to Carolina Pharmacy. They take extra good care of me and are at the top of their game. I am very grateful to Maryam Akhavan for all the help she has given me. I highly recommend it.

ViaQX Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.2)
115 SC-14, Simpsonville, SC 29681, United States | (864) 757-7087 |

Julissa went above and beyond trying to find a way I could afford the name-brand meds I used to take. She listened and expressed absolutely no judgment. I wish every pharmacy had people like this!

I just appreciate the services that they provide! I love going to this ViaQX Pharmacy because the only thing that serves me well is this store. I have visited a variety of drug stores, but this drug store is my favorite!

South Carolina Pharmacy Association (CSAT: 5.0)
454 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, United States | (718) 768-0600 |

I received prenatal vitamins that had small black holes on them, I am really concerned about my health, and my baby’s as well. I found that two pills had a black stain on them when I was almost halfway done with the bottle. FLY: I did not grab the vitamins off the counter. It was a prescription they filled for me that was sent electronically by my OB/GYN doctor. I called in to discuss the issue with them. The guy pharmacist did not even care as if it was a broken toy and asked me to bring the bottle back to South Carolina Pharmacy Association during this pandemic.

The best pharmacy I’ve ever gone to. Hands down, professional and quick service. Lev reminds me of when I need to get a prescription update and makes sure I get everything I need. He dealt with my insurance when they were a hassle and a half, and I am still super grateful for this. I’ve moved further from here, but he’s still my pharmacist because it’s a pleasure to work with him.

Delta Pharmacy & Medial Supply (CSAT: 5.0)
427 West 20th Street Suite 105, Houston, TX, United States | (713) 869-2225 |

Had items placed in wrong areas, rather than do what they’re supposed to and give the item at the low price because they made a mistake, the cashier Alex and the supervisor were rude and claimed that they weren’t able to do that. I worked at Delta Pharmacy & Medial Supply aid for years, and I know that if that kind of mistake was made, you give the customer a low price and then fix the product placement.

The pharmacy is our go-to. The toy store is a favorite destination for our kids on special days. This is where we go to let them pick out something fun at the end of the school year or a birthday.