DF-SA130-ORB – Bronze RV Shower Head and Hose Is A Great Replacement Shower Head And Hose

Driving your RV when traveling is probably the most comfortable way especially if you are travelling with kids and RVs have bathroom too thus DF-SA130-ORB – Bronze RV Shower Head and Hose is of no doubt a great tool as replacement shower head and hose the moment you are out of luck with your current RV shower head and hose.

This RV showerhead and hose replacement by Dura Faucet comes with a modern design so you can easily match it with the interior design theme of your RV bathroom. The showerhead and hose will surely last longer because it is made of premium quality and lightweight synthetic resins. Another feature that you will surely love about this showerhead and hose is the switch valve on the showerhead. Unlike other showerhead that has the on and off switch valve, DF RV showerhead features a water saving trickle switch valve, allowing you to save on your water usage.

DF-SA130-ORB - Bronze RV Shower Head and Hose

Installing the showerhead will definitely be easy because the set already comes with a mounting bracket along with the 60” synthetic hose. DF-SA130-ORB – Bronze RV Shower Head and Hose features a specifications of 2.2 gallons per minute for the flow rate @60 psi and 8.3 liter per minute @414 kPa. The replacement head and hose is also UPC and CUPC certified, so you don’t need to worry about its quality when it comes to performance as well as its appearance.

Click Here to purchase your new DF-SA130-ORB – Bronze RV Shower Head and Hose and enjoy a comfortable travel using your RV with proper hygiene at all times.

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