Danco 9D00010306 Microban Hair Catcher For A Cleaner Clog Free Bathroom

Falling hair is a common problem in every bathroom for it can cause clogged drain but not anymore today, if you have Danco 9D00010306 Microban Hair Catcher. As its name suggests, the product catches falling hair and collects it in one place. In this way, there will be no more clogged drains.

This product is amazingly good at catching hair without slowing down the drain, thus keeping your bathroom clean and dry at all times. If you are worried about the odor the hair can produce while they are on the catcher, worry not because it also has the microban antimicrobial protection that fights and prevents that growth of bacteria that causes odor, mold, and mildew. This feature leaves your bathroom not only clean and dry but smells clean at all times too.

Danco 9D00010306 Microban Hair Catcher

Other than the microban antimicrobial, the hair catcher also has the unique finger lift feature that promotes easy cleaning allowing you to clean and empty the catcher every time you want to or every time you need to. The white finish of the catcher makes it looking clean and elegant adding elegance to your bathroom. To sum it all, the Danco 9D00010306 Microban Hair Catcher has the ability to keep your bathroom clean, dry, smelling clean and looking clean all rolled in one product.

CLICK HERE to buy your bathroom a Danco 9D00010306 Microban Hair Catcher now and enjoy a clean and dry bathroom as it helps you prevent your bathroom drain from unwanted debris and hair, thus preventing clog.

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