Broan CFM Ceiling Ventilation Fan (673-60) For A Comfortable Bathroom

Ventilation is important and the Broan CFM Ceiling Ventilation Fan (673-60) will keep your bathroom well ventilated while you on the other hand is enjoying the refreshing shower or bathe. Designed by partners Henry Broan and J. Ralph Corbett, the ventilation fan is a vertical discharge bathroom type of fan. Keep in mind that some users are claiming to have tried the fan at horizontal configuration but it did not turned out favorable. Therefore, if you need ventilation fan and wants it installed on your bathroom walls, then it would be good enough if you will exclude this on your lists.

Broan CFM Ceiling Ventilation Fan (673-60)

With a product dimension of 8.5 by 8.5 by 7 inches, is fan is available in white color and features a white plastic grille making it easier for you to match with your bathroom interior, furniture and fixtures. The fan also features a polymeric fan blade that is durable so you can enjoy the fan for years. The galvanized steel housing adds up to the durability of the fan. Installing the fan is easy with its double strength steel mounting brackets with keyhole slots. Some users are saying that even the description of the fan is saying 60 CFM, the box states it is 50 CFM. Therefore, if those difference is just fine with you then you and the Broan CFM Ceiling Ventilation Fan (673-60) will definitely get along with each other well.

Broan CFM Ceiling Ventilation Fan (673-60)

Where to buy Broan CFM Ceiling Ventilation Fan (673-60)?

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